You know that beautiful feeling when everything begins to fall into place.

When all you’ve worked and prayed for aligns brick by brick.

But when a volcano runs through your layered bricks,

blasting even small grain of sand into million pieces.

At first, you can’t breathe. It’s like someone pinches your nose

together and stops the air flow entering your lungs.

Then you catch your breath.  Your pain sitting right below your abdomen.

You have no words to describe it. When you find the words to describe the pain,

no one understands. You’re not angry. You don’t even have the strength to cry.

You’re numb. You tell yourself “maybe this was God’s plan all along”

Then you remember that nothing comes easy for you.

So, you sit down. You sit amidst the rubbles of your shattered dreams.

You wonder yet again, where you go from here.

You on hold tight to the debris that were once your dreams.

You crush them tight to your chest.

You kneel down surrounded by the debris of your shames, pains and dreams.

You gather your broken pieces and hand them over to God.

When He’s ready, He’ll makes a beautiful mosaic out of them.

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