20 random things I learned in 2020

  1. Let go of your fears.
  2. It is okay to not know what next. Be still and keep breathing.
  3. In your failure lays pains. Buried within those pains is your opportunity for growth.
  4. Some detours get you to your destination faster than following your plan.
  5. Take a moment for yourself. Take a moment to breathe. It might not be enough to think and make a complete statement but take a long and deep breath.
  6. Have a goal. It doesn’t have to be clear and precise. Work towards the goal. You might not get to the goal (or you just might) but be opened to opportunities along the way.
  7. Celebrate small wins. Learn to appreciate what you have in your hands.
  8. On days when sadness randomly hit you, wrap your arms around yourself. Hold your own hands and comfort yourself. Count on yourself.
  9. You find things that you are not looking for when you are not looking but if you’re not looking for something, then you won’t find anything (I saw this somewhere and can’t remember where)
  10. Seeds are sown. Don’t stop sowing into yourself even in your darkest seasons. Germination isn’t seen at all at first. It happens in the ground. The plant is what people see. Trust your process. It will be dark, long, and maybe lonely, but trust your growth.
  11. Everything changes. Some changes are daily, monthly, and eventually yearly. Change takes time. Wait for your next pleasant change. Dark times or seasons eventually come to an end. For some it is short, it is longer for others. Try to ride out yours and yours only.
  12. Some pains you feel in your heart, some are felt deep down in your stomach (the type that knocks you on your knees.) this pain is buried somewhere behind your abdomen.
  13. Friends will offer the help they’re capable of. Don’t hold it against them if they don’t offer what you think is their best.
  14. When the tear comes, let it pour. Let it rain down your cheeks. Flood your pillow. Let your shirt soak it all up. Let it take away with it some of your pains. You’ll feel lighter in the morning.
  15. Feel your failure. Feel your pains. Mourn it. Let it stay. Don’t let it stay too long. How do you know when it’s too long? For me, it was when the memory of my failure no longer bring tears to my eyes. When all I felt was no longer hurt or disappointment but disregard, nonchalance, not wanting to move forward from the failure.
  16. You won’t always think about your failures but when you do, no one can tell you otherwise. Be kind to yourself, always.
  17. Be sure of what you’re saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to. You are vast like a god but you are also limited. While you’re trying to have it all, don’t juggle so much that you end up with nothing. Ask yourself what you can do at a given time and do it well.
  18. Don’t go back to the places you left. You don’t drink poison because you’re thirsty. (I saw this somewhere and can’t remember where)
  19. If there’s anything 2020 has taught me, it’s that you can have a new normal.
  20. Dream again. The possibilities are endless.

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