There is a ‘there’ for everyone in life. It’s that something we want to be able to buy. It’s that place we want to go. It’s that dream job we worked hard all our days to land. Often times, with a there comes a movement of some sort; a crawl, a walk, a jog, some runs, some sprints, and some climb. Sometimes, to get there, we use one or two, or a mixture of any of the aforementioned or even, every one of them.

The climb, however, is the part that we all look forward to. It’s where you not only get to look back, it’s where you get to look back from a higher height. I hope when you look back, that it was all worth it. I hope the sacrifices and pains bring indispensable joy. I hope you look to your sides and see the ones you hustled with.  I hope when you’re there you’ll enjoy the moments and the view. I trust you’ll find new dreams, new heights to conquer. New ‘theres’ that another climb will get you to.

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