A visit to Osun Osogbo

On my last trip to Nigeria, I made an impromptu visit to the sacred Osun River. Here is the the entrance of the groove.
My friend carrying the “matter on his head”…haha
The wall of the gods
Osun sacred grove
Osun is believed to have been a woman who turned into flowing waters after some traumatic event.
Osun flows southwards through central Yoruba land in Southwestern Nigeria and into the Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic Gulf of Guinea.
Osun AKA Yeye Olomo yoyo  river goddess is believed to give the barren babies and change the lives of many people.  The annual traditional worship heald in August has become a popular pilgrimage and tourist attraction drawing people from all over Nigeria and abroad!
My friend and host, Mr. A!
The oldest bridge in Osun State.
This visit to the grove is quick, cheap and naturally beautiful! Stop by whenever when you’re in Osun State!

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